Vintage Lot 229 Pc Dollhouse Accessories Furniture Dolls Decor Kitchen Bed Bath

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Most Items Made in Taiwan
Photo 1: Bedroom - White Wood Bed (w/ Bedding), Mirror, Dresser (Functional Drawers), Bentwood Chair, Double Oil Lamp, Hair Scissors, Pipe, Straight Razor
Photo 2: Bedroom - White Metal Bed (w/ Bedding), Wood Nightstand, Brass Lamp (Wired for Electrics), Metal Telephone, 3 Pc Washstand, Brass Cradle (w/ Sheet), Rocking Chair, Posable Rubber Mom/Baby
Photo 3: Living Room - 4 Pc Upholstered Couches/Chair/Ottoman, Standing Lamp (Wired for Electrics), Bird Cage, Magazine Rack (w/ Paper/Letters), Checkerboard, 7 pc Plastic Cat/Basket/Kittens/Milk, Posable Rubber Dad/Daughter/Son
Photo 4: Bathroom - Porcelain Tub/Toilet/Sink, Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Bar
Photo 5: Christmas - Bookcase 1, Fireplace, Hearth Tool Rack (Tools Non-Removable), 2 Tinsel Trees, 6 Mini Trees, Evergreen Deer, 3 Stockings, Metal Tree Topper, Red Rocker, Green Bench, 4 Presents, Sewing Machine, 6 Bolts Fabric, 4 Rolls Ribbon, 4 Sets Wood Books, Shoe Ornament, 5 Plastic Cats/Dog/Chicken/Rabbit, 7 Porcelain Dogs/Cats/Basket,Teddy Bear, Scissors, Red Rug, Wall Clock
Photo 6: Kitchen - Bookcase 2, Sink, Lazy Susan Table w/ 4 Chairs, Side Chair, Vacuum Cleaner, Stool, 8 Pc Metal Tea Set, Metal Spice Rack, Paper Towel Holder, Funnel, Bell, 5 Pc Copper Mugs/Wall Rack, Mixing Bowl, Rolling Pin, Porcelain Basin/Pitcher, 3 Metal Canisters, 2 Food Cans, Cookbook, Mirror Sign, Metal Scale, 2 Candy Bottles, Gumball Machine
Photo 7: Cabin - Timber Table w/ 4 Chairs, Timber Rocker, Timber Dresser (Non- Functional Drawers), Timber Rocking Chair/Cradle, Timber Side Table, 5 Wood Brooms, Oil Lamp, Butter Churn, Washboard, Porcelain Basin/Pitcher, 5 Pc Iron Teapot/Lidded Pot/BedWarmer, Blue Rug, 3 Thread/Wire Dolls

Photo 8: Assorted - Bookcase 3, 9 Ceramic Pots, Seed Packet, Flower Box, Washboard, Planter Hook, 3 Pc Hose/Sprayer/Spigot, Small Bucket, Wood Tool Box w/ 12 Metal Tools, Push Broom, Metal Rake, Hoe, 3 Wood Crates, Wood Barrel, Bushel Basket, 2 Potted Plants, Metal Wagon, Axe, Large Bucket, Porcelain Lamp (Wired for Electrics), Ceiling Fan/Light (Wired for Electrics), Ceiling Light (Wired for Electrics), 2 Baliol Child Ornaments, 2 Mini Guatemala Lidded Boxes, Heart Box Tower, Weathervane, 10 Pc Porcelain Tea Set


Gently Used - Assorted Wear/Paint Loss; Rocker Missing Arms; Lazy Susan on Table Does Spin; Bookcases Different Shades; Some Stains/Tears to Upholstered Furniture; White Bed Missing Finials; Pepsi Crate Lid Not Attached; Toilet Seat Not Attached

Assorted Sizes
Bookcases (Largest Items) - 5.125" x 1" x 8"

(L x W x H)