1995 Delora Buford Buchanan 3D Craft Paper Mache Doll Figurine Art Sculpture 26"



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Vintage 1995 3D arts and crafts paper doll by artist Delora Buford Buchanan. The doll features a sculptural female figure with crimped curly hair dressed for a night on the town sitting legs crossed in matching black bra, skirt and heals with short cut jacket. Signed on back of leg.

About Delora:
When iconic Dayton funk band Slave opened for Rick James on a Japanese stage in the early '80s, Dayton was represented in more than one way. The band wore clothes designed by Dayton artist and educator Delora Buford-Buchanan.

The painter and ""3D paper bag sculptor"" designed costumes for about 13 Dayton funk acts in the 1970s and 1980s, including Hott Number and Funk Allegiance.

A funk fan since she was a teenager, the retired long-time Beavercreek art teacher works a few days a week at St. Benedict the Moor Catholic School in Dayton and volunteers for the funk center. She is painting murals that pay tribute to funk legends and venues on its walls, including a “Mount Funkmore.”

""For me, art is about telling stories. My father dedicated his life to recording episodes from our family's history, and for every story he wrote there were watercolors, sculptures, and picture quilts. My mother helped select the fabrics, sewed the borders on each piece and was a musician, dollmaker and seamstress for many years. Because of them, art has become my means of communicating what words often cannot. I became a teacher so I could share with my students the kind of childhood I was given, a world in which anything one can create in their minds, they can bring to life. In my own work I explore new ways to use old materials. I use paper bags, cans, and other recyclable materials- transformed in a way that transcends their everyday use. My daughter Jacobee is an artist who studied dance for 20 years. She designs costumes and sets, and brings her love of theater and a bold but whimsical aesthetic to her own work. Together we will transform an urban space into a magical place!"".


Very good, light dust


10" x 11" x 26"h