1981 Chinese Watercolor Mountain Pagoda Valley Landscape Painting 38"



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Vintage Zhongxiang Liu watercolor painting showing a mountain and valley landscape with a Pagoda perched among colorful foliage. Faux bamboo frame.

(1) 旅行中/lǚ xíng zhōng/: traveling or on a journey.
(2) 白罔先生 /bái wǎng xiān sheng/: Mr. Wang Bai
(3)令息 /lìng xī/: (honorific) son
(4) 英洙氏宅/yīng zhū shì zhái/: Yingzhu's House
(5)寄留/jì liú/:sojourn
(6)山谷/shān gǔ/: valley (How wonderful that the characters of 山谷 are written in such artistic way!)
(7)柳鐘相作: /liǔ zhōng xiāng zuò/: created by Zhongxiang Liu or Zhongxiang Liu's work

This art is created by artist Zhongxiang Liu (please note, possibly a Korean artist), and the art is called “Valley.” The artist wrote/draw the characters of ⼭⾕ (valley) in the Qin Script(⼩篆), an archaic form of Chinese calligraphy, which is fascinating. The artist stayed in Yingzhu’s house (Yingzhu is likely a Korean given name). But who is Mr. Wang Bai? Perhaps Wang Bai is the father of Yingzhu, and Wang Bai is a dear friend of the artist.

Front translation
1 ⼀九⼋⼗⼀年 yī jiǔ bā shí yī nián the year of 1981
2 正⽉ Zhēngyuè the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar
3 ⼭⾕ shān gǔ valley

It’s quite interesting that instead of writing ⼀九⼋⼀年, the artist added ⼗ (ten) among the numbers.
Perhaps it’s his unique style. In the last two character, he used the Oracle bone script (jiaguwen) to write
⼭ (exactly looks like a mountain, don’t you think?), but used Regular Script for ⾕.


Very Good


37.75” x 0.75” x 29.5” / Sans Frame - 29” x 21” (Width x Depth x Height)