Andre Andreoli Italian Street Scene Oil Painting Tobacco Shop Cityscape Canvas



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Italian Street Scene
Andre Andreoli

Featuring a tobacco and stationary shop below a flower covered balcony. Canvas signed Lower Left.

Andre Andreoli was born in Amsterdam, Holland on November 25th, 1944, as he himself said, however on his death certificate it says 1933. His father whom he loved very much was President of an American Company, General Tire and Rubber Int. in Amsterdam so he was a naturalized American. There were 7 brothers and sisters. Andre's Royal Crest is registered in Holland, however he told me that his father's family originated from Milan, Italy.

His main artistic inspiration as a child was visiting the Museums of Europe. He studied architectural drawing at the University, however he was predominately self-taught. When his father passed away, he moved to the US, Akron, Ohio, and worked with his Father's brother's business. He soon found out, he was not cut out for this business, and decided to start painting images of Italian facades because he always loved Italy. He was immediately popular, and sold them right away. He lived in Los Angeles, CA, and was with the Greg Juarez Gallery, and then the Hammer Gallery in NYC, and then Wally Findlay Int. He was also with the Florence Art Gallery, and lived with his wife in Florence, Italy, at Villa Malenotti.

Andre immediately developed his own unique style, sense of color. He sold paintings to many celebrities, socialites, and famous people such as Johnny Carson, Hedy Lamar, Andre Andreotti, and many others. He could never keep a painting on the wall, they were sold as soon as he painted them. He had an extraordinary ability to focus on details for long periods of time. He was ingenious in his natural and spontaneous ability to paint both Italian facades, and Dutch winter scape paintings, as he never took a painting lesson in his life.

He had movie star looks, with a very friendly, warm personality which attributed to his popularity. After painting all day, he would spend his evenings working on inventions. He and his wife lived in Palm Beach, Florida.

Written and submitted by Pamela De Fina who lived with/was married to the artist for 16 years.


Very Good – See pictures


20" x 26" x 1” (Width x Height x Depth)