Vintage Joyce Roybal Polo Players Equestrian Horse Oil Painting on Canvas 33"



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Vintage oil painting on canvas showing a stacked line of horses and riders playing polo, by J. Roybal.

“Joyce Roybal is a multi-talented artist who has been highly influenced by the work of Graciela Boulanger. His style of color and balance of characters in his paintings reflects a wide range of styles, ranging from musical statements of children learning to play instruments, to sports, involving children at play with polo and football, allowing his audience to capture a pure moment of innocence and celebration of being a child.

His main theme throughout his work underlines the essence of music and play, and the role it has throughout many of life's many encounters. At times his work is very textured giving it an old world feeling with a contemporary theme, while at other times his use of color is very graphic, going from muted tones to very bright and bold. Some refer to his images as ""Puffy People"".

Roybal began painting at the age of 18 and continued throughout his life in Italy, painting children at play in many of the towns and villages that he frequented.

""Coming to the United States was quite and experience"" said Roybal. "" Many of the towns and villages in Europe are quite different from the city scapes in the United States and the backdrop of the children at play has changed quite significantly.""

Roybal currently resides in upstate New York where he continues his work surrounded by his three children and wife of 25 years.”

“AskART - April 29, 2019 - Is Joyce Roybal an artist or a made-up name? An appraiser approached us with the following on Joyce Roybal – possibly being a “made-up” name and “his art” being massed produced in China. After doing internet research we were unable to find any photographs of the artist, any social media or linkedin posts, any museum holdings, or magazine articles.

The appraiser wrote to us:
“Most people recognize the fact that “J. Roybal” is an invention. You will not find a real biography on him/her on any website or in any gallery. These are sold at “fine art traveling sales” and alike. They are mass produced in China and there are hundreds of thousands in the market. It appears they are trying to pass him/her off as an auction artist. They are clearly copying the work of Boulanger.”

For more Q&A and discussion about J. Roybal please visit this google post from 2005: which identified several Chinese companies, some no longer in business, as mass producers of art by J. Joyce.”


Very Good


29.25” x 3.25” x 33.25” / Sans Frame - 19.25” x 23.25” (Width x Depth x Height)