1979 Cui Tang Chinese Pheasants Love Birds Painting on Silk Flowers Peonies 26"



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1979 Cui Tang Chiense / Korean painting on silk showing brightly colored male and female pheasants in front of a bush of pink and white peonies.

1 画题 hu� tí Title of the Art
2 금실 (Korean) N/A 1. gold thread 2. marital relationship
3 ⼀九七九年度 作 yī jiǔ qī jiǔ nián dù zuò Work in the year of 1979
4&5 翠堂 cuì táng Cui Tang (翠: green; 堂:chamber) (artist’s pseudonym/esteemed name)

This art was made in 1979 by artist Cui Tang. The title which is written in Korean means “gold thread” and “marital relationship”, and it makes perfect sense as there is a golden pheasant couple standing in front of the blooming peonies.


Good Overall - Some gentle wear throughout; see pictures


25.5” x 1” x 23” / Sans Frame - 20” x 17.25” (Width x Depth x Height)