wall mirrors

Dimensions:console - 55" x 21" x 31.25" marble width - 52" mirror - 47" x 2" x 60" total height - 91.25" (l x w x h)
Condition:gently used - some light marks and wear from use.  the mirror is brighter than the base.  this is due to sun fading. see pictures  
Dimensions:54.5" x 20.5" x 34.75" height with mirror - 69" (l x w x h)
Condition:gently used - few scratches; hardware tarnished green; marks to mirror  
Dimensions:71" x 41" x 2" mirror - 29.5" x 59.5" (l x w x h)
Condition:gently used - light marking to back edges  
Dimensions:46" x 81.5" x 5.5" (l x w x h)
Condition:gently used - slight paint/finish loss/rubbing  
Dimensions:28.25" x 86" x 9.25" (l x w x h)
Condition:gently used - missing pieces/trim; finish loss/scuffs/scrapes  
Dimensions:31 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 74" (l x w x h)
Condition:good antique condition.  there have been a few repairs to the mirror over the years that are not noticeable to the naked eye.  some rubbing the gold in spots.  in addition the original mirror was replaced in the 70s.  see pictures for a detailed descripti
Dimensions:34 x 46 l x h
Condition:good used condition wear to frame, some light molding loss   with a few minor dings as seen in the pictures
Dimensions:38.75" x 21.75" x 6.125" mirror - 29.25" x 17" (l x w x h)
Condition:good vintage condition  - some battered edges  
Dimensions:50 1/2" x 28 1/2"   mirror  41" x 19 1/2"
Condition:good condition with some use related wear.  the gesso has chipped in some places and has since been touched up with a gold marker.  there are also two holes in the frame from where the hanging screw was sank too deep.  see pictures and feel free to ask qu
Dimensions:63" x 36 1/2" x 2" (l x h x d)
Condition:this mirror in frame are both in good condition.  there is a white paint mark on right lower side of the mirror as well as what appears to a smear from when it was painted.  see pictures and feel free to ask questions.  
Dimensions:59" x 20" x 1 5/8" (h x w x d)   the mirror itself is 12 1/4" x 14"  
Condition:this piece is in good vintage condition.  there are some splits in some areas, and some minor scratches.  when the mirror was made the manufacturers must have made an error and left a piece of tape on the mirror that say this side.  it can be seen in one
Dimensions:frame 48" x 58.5" x 1.75" (width x height x depth)   mirror 47" x 37"
Condition:minor wear from use and age, very normal.    
Dimensions:46" x 20" x 79" (length x width x height)   mirror frame 44.5" x 57" (length x height)   mirror 29" x 39" (length x height)
Condition:the mounting bracket the holds the mirror to the chest is missing as well as the hangers for jackets, hats, and accessories there is also some hardware missing
Dimensions:length- approximately 22 3/8 in width- approximately 1 in height- approximately 27 in
Condition:wear and tear from use and age, very normal