Dimensions:11" x 8.5" x 2" (l x w x h)
Condition:good condition considering age.  signs of patina from use  
Dimensions:13" x 6" x 18" (l x w x h)
Condition:gently used - paint loss/oxidation
Dimensions:t: 8' x 5' x 7" h: 8' x 5' x 7" e: 8' x 53" x 7"
Condition:good condition for the age, displayed outside. painted, but worn. light rusting
Dimensions:41" x 24" x 44" inside is 12 1/2" x 20" (l x w x h)  
Condition:good condition with some use related wear.  could use some cleaning.  some paint wear, rusting and cracks to the stone.  there is a split that you can see on both sides of the stone, but since the grill sits inside of the stone it does not affect the abil
Dimensions:19" x 19" x 45 1/2" (l x w x h)
Condition:good condition with some light use related wear
Dimensions:22" x 36" x 27" (height x width x depth) base 16" x 16"
Condition:minor wear from use and age
Dimensions:18" x 16" x 7.5" (height x depth x width)
Condition:the pump has been modified for modern plumbing, but can easily be converted to an old school water pump as the original fitting is still inside.  the pieces has some patina from age.
Dimensions:48" x 30" x 29.25" (l x w x h)  
Condition:   gently used - scratches/chip in glass top; no seat bottoms in chairs    
Dimensions:base - 28" x 51.75" x 29" glass - 42" x 66" (l x w x h)
Condition: gently used - signs of wear from use and age; some scratches on glass